You might be a small home business owner or a large business tycoon, having a website and online presence is equally important for both. An online website of your business tells people more about your company and gives it the required exposure. Even hobby websites are created now by various people to highlight their skills or to help out people. The most important aspect of any website is the web hosting of that website.

Web hosting is important because it is the basic expense that is required to get your website online. It is also important because once you have paid for your webhosting a year in advance and the hosting company does not give a good service, you will certainly feel that you have wasted a lot of money. It is therefore a good idea to carefully judge and evaluate a number of webhosting companies before choosing a specific one.

CPanel Hosting Advantages

CPanel hosting is a kind of hosting that is provided by many companies. CPanel hosting is more popular than other forms of hosting as it provides you a direct method to control and manage your website online. You can make changes, edit files, make backups and use hundreds of other options if you go for CPanel hosting. There are a number of advantages of this kind of hosting. We will discuss some of these advantages below;

1- Complete Site Management:

CPanel hosting is popular because it lets you manage the site completely at a single place. It lets you view your stats for usage of various resources like space and bandwidth and gives you complete details of all visitors as well. Many CPanels have features that let you track down the IPs of users who have visited your website. Moreover, detailed resource usage stats also tell you what kinds of scripts are consuming your resources. This data can be used to make your website faster.

2- Back Up Facilities:

CPanel allows you to make backup of your entire site a regular intervals. Making back up is a good idea if you think your site can be attacked by any hacker or its data is vulnerable. Back up will also be useful when you want to move your website from one web hosting company to another.

3- Mail Management Facility:

CPanel Hosting empowers you to assign separate mailing accounts to every domain and subdomain. All of these accounts can then be monitored from a single place which can be very helpful for the site administrator.

4- Fantastico Facility:

Fantastico is by far the biggest advantage of having a CPanel Hosting. Fantastico is actually a utility that allows you to install a wide variety of programs like Blogger, Joomla and WordPress that will help you make your site design better without actually designing anything. If you want to make a site, you can simply install wordpress and then the theme that you have chosen. This will save you from all the trouble of getting a designer to design a site for you that is expensive but still has limited functionality.

CPanel Hosting Companies – Our Recommendation:

There are a number of web hosting companies that might provide CPanel Hosting. However, it is best that you select the best hosting companies so that you have no regrets later and your site visitors do not complain about the site being slow or unavailable. To help you with choosing the right cPanel web hosting provider who can give you a high quality service, visiting and reading webmaster forums to read users testimonials will be really helpful. There are many forums like that around, just browse around you will find them easily.